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In this program you will: 

  • Learn coaching skills which span the ICF competencies

  • Practice your skills in a safe setting and get feedback on how to improve

  • Master the behaviors, tools, and techniques required for success

There's no question that coaching skills will dramatically improve your experience as a leader as well as the performance of your team. Let me teach you how!

60 Day Membership

Group support through one pause
$ 197 One Time
  • Ongoing unlimited group chat on Slack
  • Monthly Office Hours with Kimberly

Annual Membership

Group support for one year
$ 497 One Time
  • Ongoing unlimited group chat on Slack
  • Monthly Office Hours with Kimberly

Laser-like abilities

“Kimberly has an almost laser-like ability to cut through the stuff that was holding me back. I was able to take a leap into the unknown and land in a place I hadn’t known was possible.”

Pam S; Communications Lead

More Optimistic on Every Level

“When I came to you I was doing many of “the right things,” but not making the progress I knew I could make. Now I feel more optimistic — on every level!”

DD; Founder and Naturopathic Doctor

The best listener

“You are, beyond a doubt, the best listener I have EVER met.”

DT; Account Management

A tremendous asset

“Kimberly is a tremendous asset and has my highest recommendation!”

GH; Program Director

A huge benefit to me

“My involvement with this group has been a huge benefit to me in my personal and professional life. I am so grateful for everything I learned with you!”

Sarah; Business Manager

Life changing experience

“Kimberly’s calming presence and guidance has helped me finally clear out what was not working in my life. I am grateful for the life changing opportunity to work with such an amazing woman!”

Cassandra; Professional Coach